Oulipost: Day 1


First day, here we go!

Prompt: Write a Centro poem using only quotes referenced in newspaper articles from your source newspaper.

Kota, Greg. “Frankie Knuckles, house music ‘godfather,’ dead at 59.” Chicago Tribune 1 April 2014

Dardick, Hal and Ruthhart, Bill. “Emanuel’s pension fix: Shrink benefits, raise taxes.” Chicago Tribune 1 April 2014 

Our Own Thing


Public servants, average working people.

Scores and scores, dozens and dozens of people.

There are a record number of people trying,

365 days a year.



Pink slips, taxes,

Quite brave, if not heroic,

365 days a year.


Until we created our own thing:

I’d shut down all the lights and set up a record.

To us it was an art form.

It doesn’t cost anything,

A frenzy on the dance floor.

You’re going to have a partner-

Making changes collectively-

God has a place on the dance floor.


About clutterbuck

Aspiring documentary theatre artist and poet.
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2 Responses to Oulipost: Day 1

  1. Nancy Chen Long says:

    Great start!

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